Sleeping in Summer

Daylight saving time has officially commenced! We may have lost one precious hour in bed,
but since the 28th of March we have been working on a British Summer Time (BST) time
zone and we are feeling pretty happy about it. With the clocks going forward comes many
benefits including longer days, lighter evenings and brighter mornings. Generally, the
‘summer mindset’ gives us a greater sense of happiness and feeling of accomplishment as we
can now start to spend our early-evenings doing things we enjoy outside.

Partly thanks to the natural changes in temperature, summer has always been a bit more
relaxed on the sleep side. As we enter into the summer months, naturally our bodies can feel
more awake in the mornings and evenings, and therefore our sleeping patterns can become
slightly distorted. Our brains think ‘it’s still light so it isn't bedtime’ or ‘it’s light outside,
wake up!’ which can sometimes cause a shortened or bad night’s sleep.
Below are some tips on how to trick your body into sleeping in summer…

Wake up earlier:
Waking up and exposing yourself to sunlight earlier than usual will help your body’s natural
sleep-wake cycle. When the sunlight beams in around 7 am (or earlier) that is your cue to
wake up. Try going for a dog walk or having your morning coffee outside, so that by the time
you get into bed, your body is ready to sleep.

Block out the sun:
Although it is easier to wake up when it's lighter, sometimes after a late-night it can be a bit
of a headache. If your body clock works alongside natural light (or if you’re planning on
delaying your bedtime for a boozy garden party), then try tricking your internal clock by
investing in a sleep mask or blackout blinds, so that you can peacefully sleep that big night off.

Stick to a routine:
Needless to say, a summer sleep routine will be different from your winter sleep routine.
Firstly, we suggest purchasing a fan to keep you cool during your sleep. On top of that, find a
bedtime routine that works for you and stick to it, to ensure you get the most out of your shut-
eye. Switching off our devices, reading a book, meditating and dimming the lights can help
calm our minds and send us into a sleepy slumber ready for a full night of Zzz’s.